Eagle Beach voted as one of the World’s Best Beaches

Eagle Beach voted as one of the World’s Best Beaches

Eagle Beach has been voted as number 47 out of 1800 beaches evaluated by the World’s Top Travel Professionals. To create The World’s 50 Best Beaches, FlightNetwork has consulted 600+ of world’s best travel journalists, editors, bloggers and agencies — the people who do this for a living — to gain insight from their opinions and expertise. By asking the top travel professionals, Flight Network has created the most trustworthy and accurate list out there to inspire travelers and help choose their upcoming winter holiday destinations.

Lounge under bamboo huts on the shores of Eagle Beach in Aruba. You’ll often feel you have your own corner of paradise to yourself — the only footsteps in the sand are yours for miles, while the only sound is the gentle crashing of the waves and whistling breeze. Closer to the water, lounge in the silk sands and picnic — or dive in for some world-class snorkeling. Home to the landmark “Divi Divi Tree,” a tangled icon of natural wonder in the midst of the soft sandy shore, it’s a wonderland of surprising views and powdered sugar sands. If you are visiting in the summer, keep your eye out for the magic of turtle hatching.


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