Costa Linda has a new App

Costa Linda has a new App

Costa Linda Beach Resort has launched a new app that will shorten your check-ins and streamline your check-outs, to name just a few of its convenient features.

The android version of the new app and IOS for Apple are available right now at the Google Play Store and Apple Store and ready to download for free. It’s called Official Costa Linda App, See direct link below.

Android:  URL:…

IOS Apple:



For starters, the new app will enable you to make your pre-registration 90 days in advance and send messages and requests to housekeeping or the front desk.  Want a bed doubler? A crib? An electric scooter? No problem. There are service tabs for the Housekeeping and Maintenance Departments and the Front Desk.  You’ll receive a confirmation of your requests when they are scheduled. When you arrive, your keys will be ready in the short line at the Front Desk, just present your credit card.

While you’re at the resort, right from your chickee or anywhere you roam on the premises with your phone, you can check your daily charges and even pay a portion of your bill, if you want, or ask Maintenance to replace that light bulb or the remote batteries or anything else you need done. You will get confirmation when the tasks are completed.

You can check out Costa Linda’s restaurant menus and make reservations. We hope in the future for members and guests to be able to use the app to order from the restaurants and other concessions who will need to invest in the process and work with our IT department before that can happen.

Your daily charges will appear. You can check out and pay your bill with this app with the credit card of your choice and request an e-mail confirmation of payment — all without having to go to the Front Desk. When checking out, you can even request Bell Service at a specific time and indicate the number of bags to be picked up, and have the front desk or bellman call you a taxi.

Again, Services Tabs are available to Housekeeping, Maintenance, Front Desk to send a request. Confirmation will be sent when service has been completed.

The Activities Tab will eventually feature information and times for the all the resort’s scheduled activities for the day.   

You can take a picture or upload your favorite Costa Linda Picture in the image feature.

Here’s some information on how to access and use the new app on your phones. 

First, on the main screen you will see our iconic Costa Linda beach photo (Home and Main Menu)

The QR code reader is on the top left and sign in is at top right.

To sign in, you must use the same log in process that you use for the Members Forum (bulletin board) area with your email registered at Costa Linda and pin.  If you forget your pin there is a section below in the sign in page to email you your pin.

If you are not registered for the password protected area of our web site, your email address, you will have to arrange with the Members Relations, at if you want to use the app.

Spouses who use their spouse’s email and password to post on the Members Forums or rental pages will have to arrange their own email and password with the Members Relations Department if they want to use the app on their own phone.

Non-members, Owner loans and exchangers can also use the app, only difference is their log-in will be their first name, last name and check-in-date.  They will be able to have all the access as a member.  As of October 1, non-members will also be able to pre-register from the Costa Linda website.

Fair warning that there may be some initial but temporary glitches as we work out the kinks. Pizza Bob’s menu, for example, has just been uploaded and we are working on ironing out some wrinkles, and we are working on getting the Coffee Shop menu up as well. Your patience, as always is appreciated.

To access the services, you must hit the plus sign on the blank page that comes up for Housekeeping, Maintenance and Front Desk to appear.

Finally, we hope in the future to add other functions and features to the app for your convenience and to continue our mission to make your vacations at Costa Linda better and better.

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