Anthony Gums proves every day on the job as Costa Linda’s Beach supervisor what an asset he is to the resort. His strong work ethic and warm, sunny disposition are examples for all to follow.

But for the second time in a year, he has proven that he will always go above and beyond, especially when it comes to the safety and health of the resort’s members and guests. This past Monday, he rushed into the sea to rescue CLBR member Edward Miller, who had suffered an epileptic seizure. An alert fellow member, Mrs. Debbie Leakas, summoned help and held Mr. Miller’s head above water until Anthony and others arrived.

Anthony carried Mr. Miller, who was unconscious, out of the water, placed him on the sand and began administering CPR. He was assisted by several onlookers, including a member who is also a police officer. After they worked feverishly to revive him, Mr. Miller, who also suffered an injury that left him bleeding, regained consciousness. His wound was attended to and he was kept calm until the ambulance arrived. He was taken to the hospital where he remains under observation. Mr. Miller had been renting a unit this week and is expected to be able return to CLBR to take possession of his own suite on Friday.

Last year at this time, during extremely rough seas, Anthony rushed out into a dangerous ocean to rescue two members who had been injured after being knocked down by extremely strong waves. Anthony is, incidentally, one of 35 employees who have been trained in CPR, including all beach attendants, all security staff, the social activities team, and gym trainers.

CLBR has three emergency locations; the front desk, the gym, and the towel hut. All three locations are fully equipped with complete oxygen and defibrillator kits (with extra batteries and patches for adults and children), as well as an ambulance rated first aid kit, among other emergency/rescue items.

As Mrs. Leakas’ action proved, it takes not only an alert staff and the best equipment to safeguard CLBR members and guests of all ages, but also our collective efforts to watch out for each other.

Meanwhile, a grateful and proud CLBR management has given Anthony a token of appreciation, a $150 gift certificate to El Gauchos, and additional ways to honor him are being planned. Well Done, Bravo and Masha Danki to Anthony Gums!

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