Memorial Day at Costa Linda Beach Resort

Memorial Day at Costa Linda Beach Resort

American and Aruban Veterans Celebrated Memorial Day at the Costa Linda Beach

It all started when they were sitting by the beach and one of them suggested to do something…for it was Memorial Day.

They thought it was necessary to take a moment to recognize the veterans who have sacrificed their lives for others.

Since that day in May 2004, it became a tradition at Costa Linda beach to celebrate Memorial Day and to remember those who died while fighting for their country. The ceremony is held each year at the beach in the presence of an annually growing number of attendees and spectators.

The ceremony is organized each year by the Costa Linda Veterans Mr. Frank Nini, Mrs. Maurine Nadal (in honor of her deceased husband Mr. Robert Nadal) and Mr. Griff McElroy, with the assistance of the CLBR staff.

Coffee, juice and donuts are served at the end of the ceremony at the beach.

The Veterans who started this tradition are Cal Zeir, Frank Nini, Griff McElroy, Bob Nadal and Justin Nadal.

As a special touch this year Aruba’s Veterans were invited to attend the ceremony as guests of honor, and four of Aruba’s 64 veterans were able to attend.

Family members of American veterans and CLBR Aruban Board Members Mrs. Marjorie Vermeer and Mr. Tito de Cuba were also present and all together honored and remembered those who have died fighting for their country.

As it has become a tradition Mr. Griff McElroy, American veteran walked to the beach and placed the bio-degradable flower wreath on the sea in memory of the deceased soldiers.

It was a very touching ceremony, very well attended and as always very well organized by the Veterans.


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