It’s like having the airport in the Resort!

It’s like having the airport in the Resort!

When we say relax, we really mean it! That is why Costa Linda Beach Resort is taking another step in technological terms.

Do you remember being worried and afraid to miss the flight back home? And what about the concern if your unit is ready or not when you check in earlier?  In Costa Linda Beach Resort we like to pamper our guests and specially our members with details that you can’t find in other resort and this is the case of our Arrivals and Departures Screen Located at the Front Desk.

This screen gives you in real time all the departures and arrivals information from the Princess Juliana Airport in Aruba. Is practically like having a little piece of the airport in our Front Desk hall and you can use it in the following cases:

1. At the moment of your check out, you can look at the Screen and check your departure time. This will give the tranquility to enjoy the last hours in Aruba.

2. At the moment of your check in, if you arrive ahead of time, you can use the screen to verify if your unit is ready to be occupied or if it needs more time, then you can relax in the pool or enjoy a delicious meal meanwhile.

3. Waiting for a relative or a friend of yours? Probably this is the best part of this innovation. Now you can check from the comfort of the resort, the departure status of the flights. This will save you a lot of time and gives you the greatest convenience to have the real time information and status of the flights. 

This innovation is the result of our daily inspiration that is you.  Your satisfaction is our guide to take action in strategies and procedures to make Costa Linda Beach Resort your home away from home.

Gone are the days when you were worried about your flight status. Whether you are arriving or leaving Aruba, we want you to do one thing. R e l a x !

Check the video clicking here

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