Costa Linda Beach Resort completed the Aruba Certification Program

Costa Linda Beach Resort completed the Aruba Certification Program

The reputation of our country, Aruba, as a destination with consistent weather, courteous peoples, and spectacular beaches, is probably what attracts tourists to visit Aruba, but what convinces them to visit again?

The tourism industry is our main economic pillar. Everyone one way or the other depends on this. The tourism industry has been through big developments in the last 50 years. A lot has been accomplished and there is still more room for improvement. Together, we must continuously strive to be the best we can be. For our ourselves and for our visitors.

This Certification Program strongly aims to create and develop unified and consistent knowledge of our tourism industry and Aruba in General. Our friendliness and hospitality are key factors contributing towards excellent service. Emphasis on the topic of sustainability is important to bring awareness regarding happy citizens leading to happy visitors.

Here in Costa Linda we are proud to share the certification of seven of our beloved staff who completed the program in representation of Costa Linda Beach Resort. 

Congratulatios Sharisa Tromp, Brunic Croes, Richelina de la Cruz, Nadette Downer, Ketania Helder, Joell la Rosa and Joanne Frans.

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